What is Portugal Golden Visa?

Portugal Golden Visa
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The Portugal Golden Visa process gets the most searches among digital nomads for its amazing residency by investment or path to citizenship by investment in Europe. This is arguably the best permanent residency programs in the world too.

This is a great program for prospective investors who want to leave their home country for any reason or just want to have another with a second powerful passport in their kitty.

What Makes Portugal Golden Visa So Good?

The program is so flexible that you can easily meet the necessary requirements without breaking a sweat.

  • You have a lot of choices in choosing the type of investment you want to make and all paths will lead you to immediate permanent residency and eventually to citizenship in around 6 years
  • Most flexible program with time to spend in Portugal to qualify for the golden visa is only 7 days in a year
  • Don’t think you are restricted to just the country of Portugal. You are free to travel anywhere in the Schengen area countries but cannot stay more than 30 days outside they country
  • Portugal has the one of the world’s top 10 strongest passports for digital nomads and perpetual travelers
  • Upon acquiring citizenship, you are free to stay and conduct your work activity in any country that is part of the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA). You can finally plan for that long Europe tour you’ve always wanted to do in life.
  • OECD countries have come together to deny pariticipation with Golden Visa programs of some countries because it is easy to abuse and the requirements are lax. But, Portugal Golden Visa is fool proof, so it serves as the role model
  • Do you want to live in a calm, serene and stable country? Look no further than Portugal. It has amazing quality of life, work life balance, good public healthcare, great affordable private healthcare.
  • You can also have upright education choices, well connected public transit in major cities, world class airports connecting adequately to the rest of the world, and one of the best weather in European Union.
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Portugal golden visa


What Are The Different Investment Options?

Portugal Golden Visa is way better and easily attainable with a standard procedure than other GV processes around the globe.

These are the best investment options for people that want quick information

  • Real estate investments with “just 280,000 EUR” if you plan to invest in less densely populated parts of the country. But, the more common options in city investments start from 350,000 EUR and go until 500,000 EUR
  • Make a 350,000 EUR fair investment into a venture capital or a PE fund
  • A humongous 1 million EUR transfer of capital into bank account
  • Creation of at least 10 legitimate jobs in Portugal


Who Can Apply For Portugal Golden Visa?

Anyone who is not a Portuguese citizen or European Union (EU) citizen or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) citizen is allowed to apply for the Golden Visa after completing one of the above investments into Portugal.

You can make the investment as an individual or you can make it through a legal entity. There is a need to meet certain extra requirements if you choose the latter option.

What Are The Requirements To Be Satisfied?

Let’s quickly check the negligible requirements that you need to meet to get the Golden Visa. The program demands your phyiscal presence, so you cannot escape it entirely, like in other Carribean investment options or smaller islands in Oceania.

  1. You have to continue the investment for at least 5 years and your investment needs to be untouched.
  2. You need to spend at least 7 days in the country during your year 1 of the permanent residency application. Subsequently, you just need to stay more than 14 days in the following 2 years since the year of your application.
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Portugal golden visa

Are You Planning To Take The Citizenship? Learn Portuguese Now

At this point, you are required to take a Portuguese language test to get your citizenship. Although, there are some serious discussions in removing this mandatory requirement. If they do this, then the applications will heat up further.

Now, coming back to the current situation, you need to pass A2 level test. The requirements are not too stringent considering it’s just the second level from the bottom. Don’t think you can wing it through though. It requires good amount of effort. Tests taken outside Portugal gives you better grades statistically, so you may want to try.

You have the full flexibility to take the Portuguese test at any time you want, before applying for the citizenship.

Parting Thought

Generally, people take the investment into real estate route and move to Portugal to start their new life. Portugal beaches are amazing, you can’t miss. But, I’m a little different. So, I will make investment into their Private Equity funds or Venture Capital funds when I am ready.

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portugal golden visa

Based on my research, the property prices are already higher. They set at a price where it will reach in 5 years with asset appreciation. On top of that, a 350K EUR investment in real estate will easily make you pay 450K EUR. You can never forget taxes, duties and fees in real estate.

In conclusion, Portugal Golden Visa is the best of all residency by investment programs out there. It even provides a clear path to citizenship by investment.

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