Total DeFi Tokens Value Locked Crosses $2B

Decentralized finance market taps yet another never seen before highs in terms of Total Value Locked (TVL) across various decentralized Crypto projects. How to calculate Total Value Locked (TVL)? You get it simply by multiplying the total amount of Ether currency (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens locked in smart contracts and the current market price in USD.

Total DeFi Tokens Value Locked Crosses $2B

Defi Pulse mentions that DeFi industry has crossed the significant milestone of $2 billion total value locked in USD. According to Defiant NewsCamilla Russo, this peak represents a 3 times growth for Defi Total Value Locked in 7 months in 2020. What an amazing growth in a short time!

It is amazing that DeFi alone is surging when the rest of the Crypto market is still oscillating within a range. We may want to attribute the humongous growth to top DeFi platforms distributing their own ERC20 tokens. People call it as “liquidity farming“.

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Liquidity Farming is a process that rewards investors for their liquidity support into these platforms that supports basic financial activities like lending , borrowing etc. Liquidity farming has its own advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you understand the scams and risks in the newly born space before you invest. DYOR before investing in Crypto as always!

DeFi tokens clearly outperforms non-DeFi Cryptocurrency markets at the moment. The traditional cryptocurrencies appears to move between a range and look indeterminate for months together. We will understand the movement from Bitcoin on how the whole space is going to evolve. Hopefully, DeFi trend starts the much anticipated bull run after 4 years of dull season.

Are you already investing in Decentralized Finance? I have already unbanked one half of my assets and started investing in cryptocurrencies and DeFi. Planning to be majorly onboard with Crypto by the start of 2021. I hope you board the train before the train leaves the station. Finally, there is a generational wealth opportunity ahead. You just need to see it and grab it.

10 thoughts on “Total DeFi Tokens Value Locked Crosses $2B”

  1. Oliver

    DeFi went into a frenzy for a short time. It is now going back to where it belongs.

    1. Yes, agree. But, any new concept goes through the hype cycle. Once the plateau of productivity hits, you will find more useful things coming out of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

  2. Rebbeca

    Decentralized Finance had a huge growth and is on a decline already

    1. True. It grew too fast too soon with hype. It will move through the plateau of productivity to get the best products built on blockchain.

  3. Rosella

    Not so bullish on DeFi but Ethereum blockchain will be driving a lot of value in the next few years

  4. Romaine

    DeFi will be a big phenomenon again with billionaire VCs eyeing good Defi chains rather than old phantom chains from 2017

  5. Marvin

    Thank you for the post. Helps me understand how much DeFi has progressed in a short time.

    1. Glad to know! Yes, DeFi is progressing in its tech so quick and the money is getting thrown at it by big VCs now.

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