Chase Sapphire Reserve earns 5X UR in Restaurants

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Update : This deal is dead now. Please do not try

Chase Sapphire Reserve earns 5X UR in Restaurants unofficially. There are Reddit reports from churning users that are interested in grabbing deals as they come. They have noticed that Chase is now giving 5X Ultimate Rewards for purchasing food from Restaurants directly or from Grubhub or Doordash or UberEats services that deliver food to household.

While the premium Chase Sapphire Reserve earns 5 times Ultimate Rewards, the lower premium Chase Sapphire Preferred card 3 times Ultimate Rewards. The regular 5X category is for gas for beginning of July to end of September and restaurant standard earnings is only 3X. Suprisingly, restaurants are added into the 5X UR bucket which is a nice little bonus for food orders.

Chase Sapphire Reserve


Chase generally does not take back the Ultimate Rewards points deposited into your account. So, you can be confident that you will get the increased 5X points until the offer goes away.

Instead of the ordinary 2X Ultimate Rewards, Chase Sapphire Preferred now earns 3x points. I am not totally sure if there are some kind of time restrictions or spend restrictions to this surprisingly added category, for its additional bonus.

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There is no guarantee that this work through the end of the quarter. Keep checking always before you book to make sure the deal is live. Happy food ordering from restaurants as your Chase Sapphire Reserve card earns 5x!

I generally order food when there are discounts. So, the 5X reward points will actually stack with your discounts or coupons. This way, you can actually enjoy the food by paying a lot lesser. Sometimes, I think it is cheaper to buy and eat rather than cooking at home.

Chase Sapphire Reserve is the best card. They just had the grocery store in the last month and now they are offering higher restaurant points offer. Do you like it? What category do you want to be in 5X mode next from Chase?

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