Barbados Welcome Stamp – Digital Nomad 12 Month Visa

barbados welcome stamp
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Barbados welcome stamp aka digital nomad 12 months work visa is an attractive option to work remotely from the paradise nation comprising pristine beaches and cozy resorts. In case, you don’t have to be in an office to work, then you might want to explore amazing life in Barbados!

The 12 Month Barbados Welcome Stamp allows freelancers and professionals who normally work from home to instead work from the beautiful island, if you choose to. I believe anyone will jump on this opportunity, if not for Covid pandemic.

How is Covid-19 affecting short term travel?

Digital Nomad idea is picking up rapidly because Covid-19 pandemic makes short term travel much more difficult. The stringent requirements on Covid-19 testing for short term tourist travel is not sustainable. However, testing is still not reliable in most countries and people dread getting sick abroad.

Domestic tourism is the way to go for every national or resident. In short, domestic travel will be the ubiquitous phenomenon that is not going to change in the next few months. People are going to take only short trips to drive-by cities for longer periods.

In addition, Governments are cash-strapped with people losing jobs and missing income tax revenue. People are not buying anything discretionary which they will impulsively buy otherwise is also adding to the worries. In order to resolve this problem, governments start attracting Digital Nomads who can come, enjoy and spend their life for a longer time period.

The Government is committed to working on the promotion of 12 month Barbados Welcome Visa, being able to open borders to persons travelling and making it as hospitable as ever – Barbados Prime Minister Mr. Mottley

Barbados Health Situation

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, tourism including travel contributes 31% of Barbados’ GDP per year.

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Travelers from high risk Covid countries are encouraged to take a test within 72 hours of their departure to Barbados. In contrast, those from low risk Covid countries can take the test up to a week before departure.

If a traveler fails to take the Covid-19 test and produces no health certificate upon arrival, they will have to take take a test once they land. Mandatory quarantine at traveler’s own expense for two days until the results come in is the norm. For this reason, it is better to finish your testing in the place of your departure itself. Finally, Barbados has effective contact tracing protocols in place and has done a great job with Covid so far.

How to Apply for Barbados Welcome Stamp?

Barbados welcomes applications from people all over the world who wish to not take jobs within the island nation and keep their job duties with companies incorporated outside the island or freelance with foreign companies.

Barbados is growing as a destination for millennial and establishes itself firmly as a cozy leisure destination. Don’t think you can only come here for vacation. That’s exactly what they want to change. In short, they want to attract professionals who don’t have to be in office to perform work duties.

Barbados helps you get things done. It boasts the fastest fiber internet and mobile services in the Caribbean. Not to mention, a range of different flexible office space locations to boost yourself with a productive environment.

Prerequisites For Visa Approval

In general, the 12 month visa costs $2000 for an individual and $3000 for a family or couple bundle. It grants you a stay of 12 months from the approval date.

The following are the documents that you need to apply for the visa

  • Application form that is complete and free of errors
  • Passport sized photos
  • Birth certificate copy
  • Passport Bio data
  • Proof of relationship status (if married or applying for family)

barbados welcome stamp

Flights to Barbados

Barbados Flights fly from most major cities in the US to Barbados.

It is easier to look all all the airlines that fly to barbados in one go from Skyscanner or Kayak.

Cruises to Barbados

Barbados is a famous destination for US tourists and there are a lot of cruise options if you want to travel to Barbados with a cruise

  1. Royal Carribean Cruise
  2. Carnival Cruise
  3. Norwegian Cruise Line
  4. Celebrity Cruises
  5. Princess Cruises

I am not affiliated with any of them and the above links are shared just to make it easy for you to take your next trip.

Best Time to Visit Barbados

You will enjoy Barbados a lot if you visit between December and mid April. Dry season shows the beauty of the island better. Moreover, You can expect less rainfall and temperatures average around 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

A major advantage in the peak tourist season is that temperatures in the Caribbean are decent and less humid. No sweaty pants!

barbados welcome stamp

Pros and Cons Of Living In Barbados


  1. No more visa runs – Visa comes with a heavy $2000 cost but mostly nullifies the cost of visa runs you will be doing otherwise
  2. Simple Fine Print – No need to read between the lines. The application is simple and straight forward to apply. Similarly, Documents needed are also minimal and only the most needed ones to prove identity, birth and family status.
  3. Cozy Island Paradise LifeInstagram moments worthy life at all times through the year
  4. Internet Speed – Crazy fast internet with Fiber enables you to get things done for your business or work without hiccups. In general, it is said that Barbados has one of the highest speeds in Carribean because of its touristy image.
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  1. Cost of Living – Barbados is as costly as San Francisco. In addition, you can take a look at Numbeo’s cost of living stats. For the same reason, most Digital Nomad might prefer low cost tourist destinations like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia (Bali).
  2. Finding Products from Home Country – It will be difficult to find products from home country. In short, you will have to adjust to what you can get there.

Points of Interest

  • Harrison’s Cave
  • Andromeda Botanical Gardens
  • Mount Gay Rum
  • Animal Flower Cove
  • Turtle Encounter
  • Gun Hill Signal
  • Bathsheba Bay
  • Sunbury Plantation
  • Barbados Wildlife Reserve
  • Beaches – Carlisle beach, Bottom Bay beach, Crane beach
  • Underwater Adventures

In conclusion, Barbados welcome stamp is the ultimate welcome anyone will need in their life. Finally, go get it and enjoy the next 12 months of your life. Why work from home when you can work from this paradise island?

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