Antigua Barbuda Digital Nomad Visa Initiative

Antigua Barbuda Digital Nomad
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Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad initiative is a great new option for Digital Nomads or Perpetual Travelers to consider, amidst the pandemic.

The virus pandemic has shifted our daily lifestyle upside down for most countries around the globe. We have seen some countries closing their borders entirely to foreign visitors or tourists, but others are also being open to turn that into opportunity. There is a new mindset about living a new remote way of life with the help of technology that has brought us closer than ever.

Antigua and Barbuda is already famous for its low cost Citizenship by investment (CBI) program. In addition, they are now introducing a much cheaper Digital Nomad Residency Program. As a result, the economy grows naturally with more investments from wealthy people who are looking for other countries to stay or for their passports.

Antigua and Barbuda are adopting new measures to ensure the continuation of their activities amidst Pandemic. They are introducing innovative programs to appeal to the new wave of global citizens called “Digital Nomads”.

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What is Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad Residency Program?

Digital Nomad Residency Program helps individuals and their families to relocate and work remotely from the pristine beach islands of Antigua or Barbuda. Application fee for the Antigua and Barbuda Digital Nomad program is US$ 300 for the first applicant, US$ 200 for a spouse and US$ 100 for each dependent for a period of 2 years.

Just take a look at the breathtaking beach destinations, you will be sold soon. In addition, it has a strong WiFi and internet coverage across the islands. Antigua and Barbuda gives Digital Nomads the opportunity to enjoy the ease of life in an unblemished beach resort while you run your businesses remotely and amass wealth.

Also, Antigua and Barbuda has done a really good job in their response to the pandemic, resulting in a safe and healthy environment for their citizens and residents.

Know more about Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is in the combined West Indies sovereign nations of the Americas. The great beach tourist place consists of two major islands. One is Antigua and another island is Barbuda. Only 39 miles separates these two islands. A number of other small neighboring islands also belongs to the sovereign nation of Antigua and Barbuda. It has a population just around 96K. 97% of their population live in Antigua. The capital  is St. John’s on Antigua.

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Flights from US to Antigua and Barbuda

To reach Antigua and Barbuda from the US, you have a few different airlines options

  1. American Airlines
  2. JetBlue
  3. Delta Airlines
  4. United Airlines
  5. British Airways
  6. Carribean Airlines
For direct non-stop flights from Miami, it takes only 3 hours. However, most common flights have one stop with a flying time of around 7 hours. Flights are available from New York, Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Miami.
Average cost of the flight seems to range between $400 and $500 from most cities. Make sure to check Department of State website for travel guidelines and what to expect, before you book. In conclusion, head over to VisitAntiguaBarbuda and plan your destinations.

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